Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Combat de boxe avec Country Rumba

Lingala song: This is a love song talking about my own experience. Between couple,
married or living together. Always comes some problems that am
comparing a fight. This was extracted from Decollage. At the time I was
singing wwith Blanchard de Plaisir, Wa Bienva Nganga, Guy Semakala,
Chocolat, Niwel Nsumbu, actually with his band in Ireland, Frank
Nsimba, Lito, Dimoberzo Ngeya, Zible Canto, Zing Zong Zizi Kola, Zino Kelino Zolana.

We have just difficulties to find a producers in Manchester. The
Album Decollage was just a Demo CD that gave us a push to set up a
group in Manchester. Actually, the band split up but we always come
back together for gigs or shows all over the Greater Manchester.

Now I set up my own band with the coordination of the African
Francophone Integration Project in Beswick and we still looking for
musicians from any background. Any one interested can contact me at the
AFIP office, Chirch of the Resurrection. So many musicians have moved
to London. You can also come and learn something from the African

Say something or ask any question or email me : 3a, Campion Walk - Beswick - M11 3RS.

Rangot Tsasa

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  1. Ecoutez Conbat de boxe et vous serez surpris.


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